Membership Anniversary Awards

Membership Anniversary Awards

Q3 2019
Membership Anniversary Awards

The ‘SITA 70th Anniversary and Awards Dinner’ also saw the presentation of awards to eight members celebrating 70th, 60th and 50th anniversary milestones with SITA.

This year SITA Membership Anniversary Awards were presented to eight airlines who joined SITA prior to 1969. They have all played a significant role in the development and evolution of air transport both in their own regions and globally.

50, 60 and 70 years

Three airlines have reached 50 years as SITA Members, and another three 60 years. Celebrating 70 years as SITA members are the two airlines who have been present from the outset: Air France and KLM. See table.

Member anniversaries

Tunisair, 60 years, award received by Gader Hichem (left) and Della Riadh Korean Air, 50 years received by Sookhyun Cho

Aeroflot, 60 years, award received by Ilia Perevalov Transavia Airlines, 50 years, award received by Erik Swelheim

Turkish Airlines, 60 years, award received by Ali Serdar Yakut Myanmar National Airlines, 50 years received by Ei Lin Khang


Other awards during 2019

30-year SITA membership anniversary: L-R: Gill Adie, Ground Operations Systems Manager, Jet2; Gavin Marriott, Head of Ground Operations, Jet2; Keith Gillespie, Senior Account Manager, Northern Europe, SITA 20-year SITA membership anniversary: L-R: Ms Güliz Öztürk, CCO, Pegasus Airlines; Jihad Boueri, VP Airports & Airline, SITA MEIA; Bogac Ugurlutegin, SVP Ground Operations, Pegasus Airlines; Ms Senem Ozbezeyen, Account Director, SITA MEIA.

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