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The first cloud-based marketplace for air transport applications and services,, is now available. It offers new opportunities for the air travel community to benefit from a range of technologies through a simple-to-access consumer portal.  

Wouldn’t it be beneficial for the air transport community to have rapid access to proven and promising industry-specific software and solutions … in a way that encourages greater innovation, collaboration and development? And as a means to improve air transport process and bring about greater efficiencies?

“The recently launched has those very aims,” says Benoit Verbaere, Portfolio Director, ATI Cloud Platforms & Solutions, SITA.

“As a cloud-based one-stop shop for air transport community organizations and professionals, is a virtual store offering access to generic and industry software, applications, cloud and other services.

“We’re starting off with a small selection of vendors who provide fantastic applications and services in certain key domains and we’ll be adding more on an ongoing basis,” he adds.

A first

“It’s a first for the industry. The vision is for to become a single point of reference for the community for air transport applications, cloud services and connectivity,” he adds.

The introduction of is a natural progression for SITA following the success of, its Application Programming Interface (API) platform.


This new and novel service comprises a marketplace portal, distribution platform and vendor program. The marketplace portal serves a community of air transport buyers and sellers.

Customers, such as airlines and airports, can find cost-effective and cloud-enabled software and other solutions to support their businesses. It offers a virtual retail space for SITA and third party suppliers of solutions, including approved applications and other software-as-a-service.


The platform is a complete delivery environment. Here, customers can find out about products and services via an online catalog and request a sales call back or engage in online chat. For other key services, customers can order, pay for, access and manage what they buy.

For vendors, provides an ideal platform to promote their latest applications to the air transport community. As part of its vendor program, SITA will work with vendors to promote and sell their products and services, supported by SITA’s dedicated sales team.


For prospective purchasers, offers a simple and intuitive user experience. With access to a steady stream of new cost-effective, cloud-enabled services, purchasers can browse the store and kick off an online chat with a sales expert.

Being able to act at the ‘click of a button’ is a principle central to the design. To that end, as SITA continues to build a portfolio of fully connected services, it’s also focusing efforts on building click-to-buy functionality so that users can buy services and have them provisioned instantly.

A dashboard enables customers to manage their own accounts and profiles, add new users, view invoices and ask for assistance. Payments can be made by credit card in US dollars, with alternative payment options and currencies in the pipeline.

As the site develops further, more and more apps are set to become available, with a further 20 vendors in the pipeline this year with click-to-buy capabilities.  See ‘A  growing air transport marketplace.’

ATI Cloud

“ uses the functionality of SITA’s cloud. “The ATI Cloud is already benefitting customers and vendors,” says Verbaere.

“For customers, use of SITA’s ATI Cloud provides assurance that services meet the necessary industry standards for security, performance and reliability.

“For vendors, no matter what their size, offers an equally secure and high performance open marketplace for their applications and services. The cloud platform makes it easy to access services, and additional features such as online contracting, ordering and billing will make it easier for everyone involved,” he adds.


“ enables SITA to tap into the extraordinary pace and scale of development that’s spawning new technologies founded on greater collaboration, big data and the ever increasing speed of concept to market.”

“It reflects SITA’s determination to open opportunities and encourage creativity and innovative development among air transport software developers – for large companies and start-ups alike – and to provide new services and opportunities for the air transport community at all levels,” concludes Verbaere.

A call to action

As we build our portfolio of applications and services, why not come and talk to us and tell us what you’d like to see?

In the meantime, if you’re an Industry Software Vendor (ISV) why not discuss with SITA what you may be able to offer the air transport community? Go to:

Visit the marketplace

A growing air transport marketplace

First available on is SITA’s web-based operational mail service for air transport professionals, SITATEX Online. We’re now working on adding more and more applications and services. Here are just a few of the current ones:

  • Testia Online Maintenance Assistance – a browser-based platform for live communication between aircraft experts and technicians in the field.
  • Genaker – an IP-based solution allowing ground operations staff to utilize secure and real-time walkie-talkie type communications over cellular and Wi-Fi networks using smartphones, ruggedized handsets, and IP-based two way radios.
  • GCR AirportIQ Safety & Operations Compliance System – a suite of products designed for daily airport operations to meet aviation authority standards.
  • CCD Ergonomics & Design – expertise designing for way-finding, self-service, user and passenger experience.
  • And more.

API advances

Believe the hype and we’re at the start of a new information age. An age that will see the proliferation of smart objects and devices drive massive gains in efficiency, deliver greater value to customers and staff, and enable new business models.

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