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As part of our commitment to helping the air transport industry, SITA is always looking for ways to provide enhanced offers to our 400-plus members to collaboratively transform the air travel experience. 

In May this year SITA launched an extended range of free or discounted services to our members on some of our critical solutions, helping them build a stronger business.

These include seven new offers launched in 2016 on some of our latest products and services, taking the total offers available to members to 16. Among them are three offers available exclusively to new members in the first 12 months after joining SITA.

The seven new offers include:

Introduction to Mobile Boarding Pass API

SITA is offering a free three-month evaluation of Mobile Boarding Pass API (application programming interface) to qualifying* SITA members, with preferential member terms when contracting for ongoing service. The Mobile Boarding Pass API is a cloud-based service that provides airlines with complete flexibility in the creation and distribution of mobile boarding passes.

Introduction to BagConnect

This offer provides a free one-month evaluation of BagConnect to qualifying* SITA members, with preferential member terms when contracting for the ongoing service before the end of the evaluation period.

BagConnect is a managed service that generates “pseudo-BSMs” for transfer bags passing through hub airports. Messages are generated if the original baggage source message (BSM) is not received by the hub airport’s automated baggage handling system in time to facilitate baggage sorting. BagConnect reduces the mishandled rate of transfer bags which reduces costs, improves on-time departures and can increase passenger satisfaction.

Introduction to Worldtracer® Tablet

This offer provides a free one-month evaluation of WorldTracer® Tablet to qualifying* SITA members, with preferential member terms when contracting for ongoing service before the end of the evaluation period.

WorldTracer® is a mishandled baggage tracing service provided in co-operation with IATA to reduce baggage repatriation costs by matching mishandled baggage faster and at a lower cost than other services. WorldTracer® Tablet allows customer agents to assist and support passengers who have delayed baggage issues, using a mobile tablet device, connected to SITA’s WorldTracer® service.

Driving value from Horizon® solutions

SITA Horizon® Passenger Management and Distribution offers the most comprehensive range of passenger management services available.

This offer provides members an opportunity to have SITA experts work with them post-implementation of Horizon® solutions to help drive the maximum business value out of those new services. Customers taking up the offer within six months of the implementation can take advantage of up to two days of remote support from our consultants for each of the in-scope products contracted.   

The Horizon® services in-scope for this offer are Horizon Business Intelligence, Real Time Revenue Integrity, Airfare Insight and merchandizing solutions, including Horizon Service Fees, Electronic Miscellaneous Document and iTravel®.

Using the SITA Cloud

SITA members are entitled to a free investigative two-hour call, plus qualifying members get a free one-day workshop and personalized Cloud architecture and solution outline recommendation. Members signing a contract within three months of the assessment will get preferential terms when contracting for SITA Cloud Services.

SITA’s Cloud delivers managed cloud, IT and application services to the air transport industry on a hybrid platform that provides access to a broad set of industry and business process optimization applications. The ATI Cloud is mission critical, secure, and simple, hybrid and cost-effective, enabling business transformation, agility for growth, end-to-end service levels, and cost savings.

SITATEX® Online enterprise

SITA members will receive preferential fixed monthly price covering the SITATEX® Online service subscription fee and the end-user traffic charges for an initial 36-month term when signing a new contract or extending an existing contract.

SITATEX® Online is a SITA managed, web-based operational mail solution, delivered on a Seas model, used by air transport professionals to exchange operational mails anywhere, any time and in a wide variety of industry formats, and providing secure and cost-effective access exclusively to the air transport community.

Introduction to message intelligence archive

SITA members can benefit from a free subscription to the brand new Message Intelligence Archive module up until the 31st December 2016 when they sign an ongoing 12-month chargeable contract with effect from January 2017.

This is a brand new SITA product and will provide visibility and self-service access to Type B messaging traffic content to answer operational and business questions.

To view all 16 offers visit

*To see if you qualify, contact your SITA representative.

Celebrating membership milestones

Several long-standing members of SITA were officially recognized for achieving major membership milestones at this year’s Air Transport IT Summit held in Barcelona.

United Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Meridian all celebrated their 50th anniversaries while Pakistan International Airlines and Middle East Airlines-Air Libran have been SITA members for 60 years.

“Let me congratulate you all collectively for your organizations’ contribution and commitment to SITA since those pioneering days of air travel,” said Jappe Blaauw, President of the SITA Council and Chief Transformation Officer at KLM.

“These awards really bring home the community spirit within our industry and the continuous desire to work together through organizations like SITA, to make the industry better for both big and small”.



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