It’s all about the data

by Ron Reed, BI Portfolio Director, SITA

Ron ReedThe more devices passengers carry, the more opportunities airports have to capture their data and put it to good use, improving operations or the passenger experience or both.

Five out of seven data sources have become priorities for airport investment, according to the Airport IT Trends Survey:

  • Data from aircraft movement
  • Data from business transactions
  • Data from passengers directly
  • Data from baggage operations
  • Data from resource management

In your palm

By getting a better understanding of passenger behavior, airports can increase loyalty by providing the right message at the right time to the right customers.

They can ease pressure on the ground by putting services and information in the palm of the user’s hand, lessening the need for total service fulfilment at the point of sale.

Empowering passengers with maps, wait times, walk times and more will enhance passenger flow and allow airports to better manage the day of travel.

And, last but certainly not least, by getting more passengers to download their apps, airports can generate ad revenue from local retailers and concessions.

Mobile phones are the primary tool with which passengers experience air travel. They can empower travelers to make decisions based on real-time information.

They can guide them along a seamless, hassle-free journey using sophisticated concierge applications that provide information such as flight status, traffic and nearest parking, security wait times, nearby amenities, retail coupons, bag status and reclaim information, and much more.

World first

We’ve pulled together SITA APIs to create the world’s first location aware airport app, called the Day of Travel Airport Assistant.

The idea is to anticipate passenger needs and then deliver the information when and where they need it. But it also provides airports with a platform for marketing and monetization, using advertising, sponsorships, loyalty programs and future development.

User friendly and content rich, the Day of Travel Airport App is the most convenient and efficient way for passengers to take control of their journeys and for the airport to deliver a hassle-free passenger experience, while benefiting also from collecting huge quantities of valuable data.

Passengers gain added value, while the airport gains valuable intelligence and the opportunity for engagement and up-selling. It’s available now and can be customized to suit any airport anywhere.

SITA Day of Travel Services

SITA Day of Travel Services offers a complete solution for the development of a location-aware airport app. Our digital and data services, complemented by our indoor positioning infrastructure, create a device-native mobile app built to the airport's specific needs and brand requirements.

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