Info on the go - Nice Airport

Info on the go - Nice Airport

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is using beacons to place real-time information and new services at the fingertips of passengers on the go, as they increasingly demand a personalized approach.

With beacons installed throughout the terminal, the airport is using its recently developed app to deliver real-time information and retail offers to its passengers, particularly to facilitate its frequent flyers’ journey.

More control

“Increasingly passengers are demanding more control over their airport experience. They want to personalize the services they receive from the airport to their own requirements or needs,” says Jean-Pierre Torres, Head of IT at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport.

“SITA’s beacon technology allows us to deliver on this expectation and offer a highly tailored experience to our passengers, in particular our frequent flyers.”

Refurbished terminal

For example, Airport Premier Club passengers using the app will automatically earn points as they pass through the airport. Also, this technology will facilitate access to Fast Track Security for Airport Premier Gold members, allowing them to use their frequent flyer card included into their Wallet app.

The new app was developed to coincide with the recent opening of Nice Côte d’Azur Airport’s refurbished Terminal 1 retail area which was partially opened in October last year. This new version will also support the refurbishing of the commercial area of Terminal 2 in 2016-17.

“Through the app we will be able to advise passengers on discounts available within the various airport stores, promotional offers, must-haves at our many restaurants or travel exclusives on duty-free products,” says Torres.

Opt in

To receive these offers passengers will have to opt in by downloading the airport’s app or sign up for the “Club Airport Premier” loyalty program. “The aim is to eventually dematerialize our Gold Member cards and transfer management entirely to the app,” says Torres.

Much of the app’s functionality will be enabled using SITA’s Beacon Registry, a repository of information describing the beacons deployed at an airport. Accessed through the Common Use Beacon Registry API, it allows app developers to use the detection of a beacon to trigger the provision of contextual information. 

More to come

But this is just the start for the airport. In the coming months Nice Côte d’Azur Airport plans to add new functionality to the app.

“Among the services we are investigating are notifications to departing passengers if they happen to find themselves in the wrong terminal.

“For our arriving travelers we will provide them with directions to the car park or the ability to remember their parking bays, making it easier to find their car on their return. These are just some of the value-added services we will be offering our members,” concludes Torres.

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