In a nutshell

GCR offers AirportIQ Safety & Operations Compliance System (ASOCS). It’s used daily by airports both large and small to meet ICAO’s Annex 14 requirements for safety, security, and certification. As the most comprehensive and flexible airport inspection tool on the market, ASOCS is operational in over 30 US airports and is now extending its reach into Europe.

Why use it?

In short, to achieve streamlined airport operations, the end result being a safer, more secure, and better experience for passengers.


Airports of all sizes need an enterprise-wide approach to comply with safety, security, and certification requirements for ICAO Annex 14 or FAR Part 139. These airports also have many additional needs that could benefit from the AirportIQ suite of operational-focused solutions, starting with ASOCS.

ASOCS not only ensures compliance reporting, it performs intelligent data sorting of incidents by tracking them by specific categories and departments, sending notices and alerts to appropriate staff, supplying crucial supporting documentation, tracking related action requirements, and archiving all data and subjects in an easily retrievable format.

By using ASOCS to its fullest potential, airports can gain efficiencies across many areas. It’s a complete solution for operations, safety, security, wildlife, law enforcement information management, and enterprise-wide communications.

Through technology ASOCS facilitates communication to all parties: airport management, tenants, and regulatory agencies. Effective communication is the foundation for increased safety and efficiency. Individual users across an airport can report on operational issues either on a desktop PC or a mobile tablet computer. Communication and integration of data is a fundamental component of AirportIQ.

Our AirportIQ suite includes ASOCS, Business Manager (ABM), Enterprise Reporting & Operations (AERO), Safety Management System (SMS), Situational Awareness, Secure Credentials, System Manager (ASM), and Automated Passport Control Kiosks – all designed to compliment each other across the spectrum of airport operational activities.  

ASOCS is also built to provide electronic output to control towers and flight and weather services, by fax or email log information. It includes specialized processing for sending notices to airmen, snow tours, runway and taxiway lighting, and certification inspections personnel.

AirportIQ analytics and dashboards provide a real-time view of multiple aspects of operations performance that can be shared among multiple users to facilitate more-informed decision making.

The ASOCS application incorporates mobile functionality and geographic information system (GIS) data. Reports can be compiled from anywhere at the airport with or without a network connection with mobile tablets that sync when network access is available. Issue reports include detailed location information that can utilize customized GIS layers. The “form and clipboard in the field” method that then has to be entered into a computer era has been retired.


From business intelligence, data analytics, audits, and compliance, AirportIQ assists airports in operating smarter, communicating better as an organization, and providing better service across the enterprise.

ASOCS helps to streamline airport operations in the gathering of critical information through its user-friendly screens. It is the central point of access for use by multiple units, including airport security, law enforcement, operations, and communications. ASOCS allows these units to address their core missions individually, and collectively, with the end result being a safer, more secure, and better experience for passengers.  

The AirportIQ suite provides the analytics that allow an airport to enhance revenue and manage events – including the operational analytics of employee performance – alongside the core objective of airfield regulatory compliance.

ASOCS is used at the world’s busiest passenger airport – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International in the U.S. Multiple departments in their operations team with over 200 users track everything from aircraft alerts to police calls with ASOCS.


AirportIQ lets airports evaluate the revenue streams of their lease space to best meet their customers changing needs and spending habits. Additionally, airports can then evaluate cost recovery from any services provided that lie outside the scope of property and tenant leases in order to best ensure that maximum revenue can be recognized.

ASOCS documents the routine inspections required by regulation and additional client-specific items. The system maintains an online history of events that can be searched and accessed in several ways to meet operational needs. The ASOCS Airport Operations Log serves as the central record and legal document of operational activities. By being efficient in reporting, tracking, and archiving events, ASOCS saves airport’s time and effort.


GCR partners with other companies to bring collaborative solutions to our aviation clients. Our recently launched AirportIQ Situational Awareness module is a joint venture with Qognify. This partnership allowed us to airports an expanded ability to process, evaluate, and analyze real-time data that conforms to the their unique needs.

Collaboration and innovation

Our AirportIQ suite provides solutions for a wide spectrum of airport activities. Our goal with each updated version of our individual modules is to continually improve connectivity and integration. This cuts down on inefficiencies, time, and expenses but also allows for increased detailed analysis. Our upcoming update of our AirportIQ Business Manager will allow for higher levels of intelligent understanding of all the various data you collect, and how you can use it to make better informed decisions. Our ASOCS module is an obvious companion solution with our AirportIQ Safety Management System. Together, they foster a deeper operational intelligence that improves approaches to improving safety and security that are designed for your airport based on your data. 

GCR is currently providing airports with thought leadership and direction for their innovation models. These opportunities are at the forefront of improving the processing of passengers through security, enhancing the customer experience from “home to the gate,” adding multi-lingual digital signage from the “entrance roadway to the gate,” the performing of analytics for “passenger flow analysis,” and all the way to providing improved data and guidance for parking solutions. We believe that all airports need reliable and current data analytics to assist them in making the right decisions.

Lessons learned

Everyday our customers are showing us new and innovative ways that they are using our AirportIQ suite to meet the challenges of managing their airports. In addition to the Atlanta and N.Y./N.J. airports mentioned above, ASOCS is used for its mobile/GIS capabilities at the Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) in Rochester, N.Y. ROC is a small hub airport that handles approximately 150 flights per day with about 2.4 million passengers annually. ROC relies on ASOCS for their FAR Part 139 inspections compliance, work order processing, daily log of operations, and to track the training of inspection personnel.  With ASOCS being successfully deployed at airfields of varying sizes, we have learned that ASOCS is a great solution for airports big and small.

Top three things of most importance to GCR

  • Being able to provide powerful, integrated solutions to our clients.
  • The high-quality of all of our products.
  • The efficiency of our solutions that saves our clients time and effort.

Top three trends / technologies impacting GCR now

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Data analytics


ASOCS is utilized by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey – a joint venture between the two US states that oversees LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy International, and Newark Liberty International airports. Hundreds of users across the three major airports manage FAR Part 139 compliance, perform electronic record keeping, document calls for service, issue NOTAMS, and track wildlife events with ASOCS. 

Top three achievements

  • Having our AirportIQ suite of solutions utilized in some of the largest airports in the world
  • Our track record in satisfying our clients’ needs in each of our deployments
  • Having support and responsiveness to our clients be an integral part of what we do and who we are – and not being just an afterthought

Managing challenges

GCR has been bringing technological innovation to the aviation industry for over 30 years. We thrive on having a beneficial relationship with our airport clients. Through our yearly ‘GCRworld’ conference and user group we take the pulse of our users and work to improve and implement many of their suggestions.

Our AirportIQ suite of software for airports continues to grow as we recently added Safety Management Systems and Situational Awareness solutions to our existing line up, alongside ASOCS, AirportIQ Business Manager, Secure Credentials, and Automated Passport Control Kiosks.

Top three challenges

  • Keeping current with industry trends and client needs
  • Continual improvement of our solutions
  • Having a vision for the future of the industry

We face these challenges daily through the abilities of our talented staff of experienced subject matter experts. Our people are a huge asset and have made GCR and AirportIQ what it is. We keep in contact with our clients through our support channels, our annual user group meeting, and through attendance at industry conferences and meetings.


The modules of the AirportIQ suite of solutions have been or are currently being updated to fully utilize mobile capabilities. The importance of being able to have the right data when you need it, and where you need it, is imperative to airport operations.

Once we expanded ASOCS into being a truly mobile application that could fully function out in the field – with or without a network connection – we found that clients were very receptive. Being able to enter inspection data from anywhere has increased efficiency, reduced errors, and saved time.

AirportIQ is an enterprise solution and we continuously communicate and listen to our customers’ needs in order to provide enhancements to our product suite. We also keep a keen focus toward developing new solutions that aid in complying with evolving regulatory requirements. We have launched two new products this year and have another in the planning stages.  Mobile technologies and the capabilities they provide along with Cloud based solution options are also things our customers are evaluating heavily. These are two of the technologies / architectures that we are targeting as part of our solution rollouts.

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