CSR Strategy update

CSR Strategy update

Q3 2019

The progress of SITA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is shared publicly through the SITA CSR Report.

The report details the company’s commitment to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the principles it represents, as well as the adoption of sustainable and socially responsible policies throughout SITA’s processes and operations.

It covers the company’s commitment to the business, environmental and social programs that make up our CSR strategy.

Business – embedding good practices

For the last five years, six of SITA’s largest locations have been audited for their Environmental Management System. Certification to the international ISO14001:2015 standard embeds good practices, as does SITA’s adherence to environmental improvement targets.

Almost 60% of SITA’s employees work in offices with online environmental statements that show the performance of their site. Good practices have resulted in a 30% reduction in energy intensity across our offices, as well as a 40% reduction in emissions intensity.

Environmental – reducing and mitigating our impact 

SITA is committed to working to minimize its actual and potential impacts on the natural environment throughout business practices and the value chain. As an inescapable part of the global economy, air travel underpins the operations of many global businesses.

Air travel accounts for a small part of global emissions, but with rising passenger numbers, its contribution to climate change will rise.

In terms of reducing and mitigating air travel’s environmental impact, it is important to focus on incremental improvements. One major initiative implemented last year tackles SITA’s emissions from air travel.

By adopting more technology in offices globally, SITA has reduced its travel significantly. However, with a commitment to lessen the company’s environmental impacts, SITA has introduced an internal ‘carbon levy’ that has been used to fund carbon credits through a partnership with Natural Capital Partners.

The collaboration with Natural Capital Partners has seen contributions to programs supporting biodiversity, reforestation, wildlife protection, clean energy and community development in Borneo and India. SITA’s plans are to extend the program to embrace the emissions from business operations.

Social – engaging with communities

Working closely with communities across the world is a fundamental principle underpinning CSR at SITA. The organization’s presence across 135 countries provides insights into the challenges faced by societies in almost every corner of the globe.

Right across the world, SITA employees can give back to the communities to which they belong, through SITA’s ‘Value in Volunteer Action’ (VIVA) program.

In 2018, SITA employees gave their time to projects that addressed food poverty, vulnerable groups, and the environment, and raised money for numerous good causes. SITA teams logged 1,256 volunteer hours, while $83,526 was donated to 21 good causes.

Education – creating STEM opportunities

Another highlight is the positive impact of the SITA Air Transport Community Foundation, with its program to improve the quality of education for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). (See page16.)

It is complemented by additional programs that focus on education, including SITA’s Learnership program in South Africa and initiatives in India. Our work with higher education embraces our Accelerate Graduate program, and relationships with universities in Ireland, Russia, Jordan, China and Canada.

A sustainable future

Working with partners and communities remains fundamental to SITA’s continued focus on CSR. Collaboration will be a critical element in setting out a longer-term approach to addressing climate change.

It is also equally important SITA’s ongoing support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in the areas of climate change, quality education, gender equality and partnership. See SITA’s CSR Report 2018 .

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The 2018 SITA CSR Report

2018 SITA CSR Report

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