Adding value to SITA membership

Adding value to SITA membership

SITA’s members play a key role in helping shape the future of air transport.

Angelo D’Agostino, SITA’s Membership & Community Director

Angelo has the vital role of looking after the needs of our members. He is the primary contact between SITA and its members with the task of ensuring that each and every member is looked after.

Tell us a little more about SITA’s members and why are they so important to SITA.

SITA has more than 400-plus active members from across the air transport community. Our membership base includes airlines, airports, airport-based organizations and air traffic management, representing 95% of all international destinations.

These members guide SITA’s direction and strategy through the SITA Council, which is made up by representatives from our member organizations. Through the Council we discuss our future direction and ensure that we continue to invest in technology that meets the needs of the industry today and into the future. They help us transform air transport to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Many of our bigger members have been with us for more than 50 years and were the catalyst for the development of technology that shapes the industry as it stands today.

Making sure members’ views are represented is what makes SITA unique. By representing our members and their requirements, we remain at the heart of the air transport community.

What are the benefits of becoming a SITA member?

I think one of the main benefits, as mentioned above, is the ability to shape the future of the industry. Our members are able to influence how we develop our technology to make the industry more efficient and profitable while elevating their passenger’s experience every step of the way.

But this exchange cuts both ways. Through SITA’s Annual General Assembly and IT Summit, members can tap into the largest community of air transport IT executives in the world. This provides the opportunity to exchange ideas, share best practices and discuss business strategies with more than 400 other cross-industry members.

As a member you can ensure that the money you spend on SITA services as customers remains within the community. As a co- operative organization owned by the air transport industry, the money we receive is used for
the benefit of the industry and to fund innovation to drive further efficiency and cost saving for the entire community.

Members can also directly benefit from this investment and are able to avail themselves to preferential offers on key SITA services and products, which are available exclusively to SITA members.

As a co-operative organization owned by the air transport industry, the money we receive is used for the benefit of the
industry and to fund innovation to drive further efficiency and cost saving for the entire community.

Angelo D'Agostino, Membership & Community Director, SITA

When SITA says they are innovating for the benefit of their members and the community, are you putting your money where your mouth is?

Absolutely. Many of the services and products we provide benefit the entire community.

Take our AirportHub700 (APH700) program which aims to significantly increase the number of airports where we offer community network services through AirportHub. The program is an example of SITA seeking to provide high service capabilities while reducing the total cost of ownership through delivery of shared infrastructure and community solutions.

AirportHub is SITA’s unique, shared infrastructure network platform allowing the delivery of connectivity services at airports for front-office, back-office and internet applications. The program goal is to expand the AirportHub footprint to cover 80% of all airlines’ international destinations within three years, with a total of 700 AirportHubs deployed. Already we have more than 300 airports connected to AirportHub.

That is just one of the examples of the investment and innovation we have taken on for the benefit of the air transport industry.

If I want to become a member, what do I need to do?

SITA accepts membership from any organization whose primary activity is air transport related.

The only financial formality required before an organization can be accepted as a SITA member is the purchase of one share with a nominal value of €5.

Part of my role is to assist members through the application process.

Are you there to assist existing members?

We want to continue to ensure that we provide all our members with real value. I am the link between our members and SITA and I am there to assist with any enquiries, suggestions or issues our  members have. I am at the disposal of our members no matter where in the world they operate.

To get in touch with Angelo, contact him at

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