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SITA’s Aviation Blockchain Sandbox is evolving into a new collaboration forum called the SITA Global Blockchain Alliance. The new forum comes on the back of the success of the Sandbox and the rapid evolution of blockchain and Smart contract technology.

Its goal is to promote the development of key blockchain-based applications, increase the ‘network effect’ and contribute to and define blockchain standards for the air transport industry. 

Focus areas

While the Sandbox focused on the technical side of blockchain technology, the new initiative will address:

  • Use-cases assessment
  • Business benefits
  • Governance
  • Business cases
  • Industrialization

Sandbox success

The Aviation Blockchain Sandbox technical project demonstrated that blockchain has sufficiently matured to be considered for live customer solutions and that there’s widespread interest in the technology within aviation.

The Sandbox has given around 50 companies the opportunity to explore and tackle together various challenges related to blockchain technology.

They include airlines, airports and other community players. Among them are a group of major Chinese airlines and airports. They joined SITA’s FlightChain app and are contributing flight operations data to the network. Sandbox members will move across to the new alliance.

Turnaround times and baggage pre-clearance

Separately, SITA began working with a Euro-based group in 2019, including ground handler Swissport. The focus is on how to utilize blockchain to enhance collaboration and data sharing to improve turnaround times.

SITA is also engaging with other industry bodies on collaboration models based on blockchain. The goal is to enable better sharing among airports, airlines and other key stakeholders in the journey.

A growing number of use cases

As further exploration takes place, SITA is working with customers to identify and investigate more use cases for blockchain. That includes areas such as supply chains in air transport.

In the area of baggage mishandling, SITA is also exploring a new solution to support airlines in their proration and claim management systems. SITA is also evaluating blockchain to support bag clearance following cases of mishandling.

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