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SITA Bureau Services

What we do

Created in 2013, SITA Bureau Services (SBS) leverages SITA's expertise delivering complex IT solutions for the air transport industry. We help our customers reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Focusing on financial services, SBS launched Flightyield, a fully outsourced invoicing and revenue service, in partnership with CANSO and Airways. Flightyield is a cloud-based service that captures, calculates and collects overflight fees and charges for air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and gate-to-gate charges for airports.

Flightyield simplifies and automates invoicing processes and allows ANSPs to implement flexible policies for different pricing models. Using complete, up-to-date data, Flightyield increases invoicing accuracy and decreases invoice processing time. This leads to faster payments, increased revenue and improved cash flow.

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Our partners are leaders in the aviation industry

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The SITA Bureau Services (SBS) management team is comprised of leaders in the aviation industry

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