Training and development

Everyone in SITA benefits from clear job descriptions, objectives, and regular performance and development reviews.

Operating in a technologically intense industry, SITA needs to adapt rapidly to change. The ability of our people to learn new skills and apply knowledge in real time is critical to our success.

Rewarding performance

SITA’s global annual performance and reward cycle supports professional growth and ensures high performance is rewarded. The cycle includes annual objective setting with twice-yearly reviews, monthly 1-2-1 meetings between employees and their line managers and formal individual development plans (IDPs) to ensure training and development activities are well supported and recognized. Formal documentation, mid-year and year-end review of objectives is required for all active SITA employees.

Professional development

Employees by profession chartEveryone in SITA benefits from clear job descriptions, objectives, and regular performance and development reviews. Roles at SITA are mapped to a Career Framework, which defines the 13 ‘professions’ or areas of functional expertise which make up our organization. Career streams and roles are defined within each profession, giving staff clarity on the skills and knowledge required to fulfill their role and to progress to others.

In 2015, a new Technology Management profession was developed and launched, bringing together some 800 people across the business with common competencies, professional development requirements, and collaborative opportunities.

SITA supports and encourages employees to develop skills and participate in lifelong learning opportunities, as outlined in the training and education pages following. All of our major locations and most of our medium and small locations engage outplacement services to support employees’ continued employability.

In 2016 our staff recorded, on average, 32.6 hours of training, up slightly from 31 hours the previous year. An upgrade to our Learning Portal training system made self-service courseware available on mobile devices for the first time. Training frameworks are in place to support SITA “professions” or areas of functional expertise including Project Management, SGS Academy for our service management profession, Sales Excellence, Technology Management, and Product Management as well as a dedicated Management Leadership Excellence (MLX) program to develop SITA leaders of the future.

During 2016, our customer e-learning platform, SITA University, expanded to include all SITA solution training for customers and SITA employees alike. This has enabled more effective knowledge transfer on our products and solutions to our people and reduced the need to develop and maintain training materials for different audiences. Now with over 8,000 students, SITA University is set to grow significantly into new areas and become a differentiator for SITA.

Over the past two years our Passenger Services organization has adopted a “Temporary Assignments” scheme to allow SITA staff to experience job rotation to gain new skills, perspectives and in many cases a new career. Every newly requested role (contract or permanent) is reviewed and an internal candidate is sought before opening a position for recruitment. Employees can try a role in another area of the business on a full or part time basis without risking their existing position. Not only has this approach been great for morale, it has demonstrably improved skills and inter-working. It has also enabled the business to adapt to the changing needs of the market without significant recruitment challenges and costs.


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