We collaborate closely with our stakeholders.

We’re owned by the air transport community and we collaborate closely with all our stakeholders – members, customers and industry bodies, as well as employees and local communities worldwide.


As an industry-owned organization, SITA understands the importance of delivering products and services that are highly valued by the air transport industry. Through our cooperative structure, we provide high-speed network communications to and between members on a not-for-profit basis and drive the IT agenda in the industry by researching and investing in the latest technology innovations.

SITA’s members benefit from SITA’s neutrality and independence and can plan and operate their services in the knowledge that SITA offers services everywhere, including remote and challenging locations. In turn our members guide our direction and strategy through the SITA Council, which has reserved seats for both airport and ICT provider representatives.

See our membership pages for more information.


We engage with our customers regularly through SITA events such as the annual Air Transport IT Summit. We hear from our customers through forums including our Customer Advisory Board (CAB), which helps shape our strategy and portfolio, and the Communications and Infrastructure Advisory Board (CIAB), which acts as the voice of the community with respect to our network services.

We operate formal feedback channels, such as our annual Customer First Feedback Survey, and our Community Value Index (CVI). We engage regularly with customers through committees and user groups specifically dedicated to airports, baggage, passenger, aircraft, and AIRCOM services.

For more information, please visit customer forums page.


We engage with our employees as talented partners contributing to our success and growth as a business. Individual development plans and performance rewards help our employees stretch their capabilities and those of the organization. Formal feedback channels include an annual employee survey conducted by an independent third party.

Most of our larger offices benefit from on-site leadership to engage with local priorities and concerns through a Locations Leader program. We also hold regular staff calls and encourage our people to ask questions. Our Values in Action awards are an opportunity for individuals or teams to be recognized for their contributions to the business.

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Industry associations

SITA has working partnerships with over 50 air transport industry associations, international organizations and institutions. By working with a wide range of air transport associations in global and regional forums, we aim to deliver common approaches and set new standards that help the industry as a whole become more efficient.

For a complete description of our industry engagements, please visit Working for the community.

Local communities

All our employees are encouraged and empowered to take part in community and charitable projects and events through our Value in Volunteer Action (VIVA) program which gives each employee a full day’s paid leave for volunteer activity each year. An overview of 2016 VIVA activities are included later in this report.

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