Engaging with our people

We engage our employees through a number of channels.

Working at SITA

More than 4,700 employees in 125 countries around the world create success together at SITA, providing the information technology and networking solutions that keep the air transport industry flying high. We maintain high standards of labor conditions for all our personnel, whether directly employed, contract, or engaged through our offshore partners. We meet and exceed the requirements of local laws and regulations where we operate, as well as International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions. We do not discriminate based on trade union membership or non-membership and have collective bargaining agreements in place fully or partially in 10 countries representing 8.3% of SITA’s directly employed workforce. Roles at SITA are generally full-time. As a global principle, there is no distinction made between benefits provided to full-time employees and to part-time employees, 1.9% of SITA. 

Health and safety

We are committed to providing a safe and professional work environment to protect the health and well-being of our people. Our workforce operates primarily from local office environments, meaning risks of accident and injury at work and of occupation related diseases are relatively low. Our standards and processes are documented in a Master Health, Safety and Security Policy which serves as a basis for site policies and procedures that comply with local regulations. All new hires at SITA receive mandatory health and safety training. Formal joint management-worker health and safety committees are in place in major locations including in the UK, France, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. Employee entitlement to sick leave meets or exceeds statutory requirements in all countries where we operate.


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