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Welcome to our fifth Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report - 'Better Together'.

Barbara DalibardSince the release of SITA’s last Corporate Social Responsibility Report, I have had the pleasure of joining the company as Chief Executive Officer. SITA has had a sound program of environmental and social initiatives in place for some time, together with a commitment to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. These ten principles remain core to our CSR activity, and I reaffirm SITA’s support for them throughout our business.

Our CSR focus remains on three key themes; integrating CSR into our business, managing our environmental impact, and bringing value to our communities. ‘Better Together’ shares the progress made in these areas throughout the year. The theme recognizes the efforts of our people across the business in bringing corporate social responsibility to life in our everyday operations. From adopting best practice approaches to actively engaging with local communities, our people have a key role to play.

At the start of 2016 we set ourselves a series of targets in environmental reductions and volunteering activity, and I am pleased to report that we achieved them by year end. Notable improvements were the 10% increase in volunteering days against our target, and the 10.5% reduction in energy use at the 19 sites where we measure consumption. We have however seen a 2% increase in global emissions from air travel. This remains a challenge in our role as a provider to almost every airline and airport across the world. Combined, our total emissions (offices and air travel) represent a 3.8% reduction overall across our business.

Over the year we continued to support young people in Africa through the work of the SITA Air Transport Community Foundation initiative. A particular highlight was the rollout of Raspberry PI Connect devices to schools in Amhara, Ethiopia – giving greater access to educational content for teachers and students. Projects also ran in Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The Foundation – governed by the SITA Council – echoes the commitment to education SITA has made with existing projects in Ireland, South Africa, Russia, China and Singapore.

I would like to recognize the dedication of our employees across the business who engaged with their communities through our Value in Volunteer Action program. They gave their time to projects that addressed food poverty, vulnerable groups, and the environment, and raised money for health research and good causes.

In 2017, we’ll continue to work together to be a responsible business in our environmental and social practices, and to ensure that the contributions we make are positive. We will also take the opportunity to review the social and environmental trends across our industry and wider society, and the areas that matter most to our stakeholders, to inform our approach going forward.

Throughout this report you’ll find more detail on our activities and progress in 2016. We encourage your feedback on our CSR Report via csr@sita.aero.

Barbara Dalibard



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