A SITA Air Transport Community Foundation funded project with our charity partner Computer Aid International saw 100 PCs installed in computer rooms at female student halls of residence at the University of Zimbabwe. The computer rooms enable the students to have safe, 24/7 access to networked computing facilities.

In addition, 100 female students had the opportunity to enroll free of charge and gain a globally recognized IT qualification by completing four key modules of the International Computer Driving Licence. ICDL training helps not only in gaining essential skills required for university level coursework, it also gives them a real advantage in their future careers.

A new project is underway for 2017 to provide teacher training and computer equipment installation at 10 schools in Zimbabwe in need of additional IT resources. Foundation charity partner Computer Aid International will install 20 computers at each of the schools, including eight primary schools, one high school and one school for children with physical, visual and hearing impairments. More than 16,000 pupils at some of the lowest income schools in Harare and neighboring districts are set to benefit from this improved access to IT.

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