SITA Air Transport Community Foundation

The SITA Air Transport Community Foundation was established with the SITA Council with the aim to help build skills capability in the next generations of young people in Africa. In a continent that is growing economically and has huge potential, the SITA Council recognized the need to create access and opportunities in IT. By selecting programs that look at three levels of education, it is building a sustainable approach to learning and broadening the horizons of students who may not otherwise have the chance.

Since its first year of operation in 2015, the Foundation has given support to young people in Ethiopia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa. In partnership with the charities ComputerAid International, PEAS, and the Wits Foundation, the foundation has, to date, helped around 15,000 students gain access to IT and education.

Partnership principles were agreed by the SITA Council in 2016 which allowed us to welcome Mindtree, one of our key offshore providers, as a foundation partner. Mindtree are currently supporting us with an annual contribution that will help us to expand the scope of our work and to positively impact more young people in Africa.

Through 2017, the foundation will continue to work with our charity partners to support existing projects in Ethiopia, Uganda and South Africa, while beginning a new program for secondary schools in Zimbabwe, and supporting the construction and equipping of ICT labs in Zambia.

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