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Product & Project Management

Project Management

Throughout our 70-year history SITA has developed superior Project Management capabilities and know-how in successfully delivering a broad portfolio of information technology and telecommunication solutions to the air transport industry.

SITA’s vision is to be recognized as a world-class leader by customers and compared to peers as demonstrating excellence in delivery. Excellence means delivery of projects on time, to quality, within scope, to cost/revenue expected and with a continuous focus on customer satisfaction.

Product Management

Product Management is the discipline which is responsible for the "holistic business management of the product" from the time it is conceived as an idea, through its life cycle, to the time it is discontinued and withdrawn from the market.

Product Managers are the champions of their products and have accountability for managing each product or portfolio of products as a business with responsibility for revenue, profitability, innovation and meeting or exceeding market demands. Activity is driven by the market and the organization's business strategy.

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