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The Marketing Career Path encompasses all the professional marketing roles required across our organization to position SITA competitively in the global market place, and promote SITA's brand and image as the 'provider of choice' to the Air Transport Industry. 

The Marketing Profession comprises the following Career Streams:


The marketing communications stream covers all roles needed to promote and position effectively SITA in the market place whilst arming our sales team with the right tools to succeed. They provide expertise in Corporate Communications, Thought Leadership, Brand, Corporate events, Content Marketing, Sales enablement and Digital marketing.


The Marketing Generalist Career Stream incorporates roles which are based in the Geographies and are focused on helping the sales achieve their new business and revenue objectives.

Human Resources

HR is at the center of business performance. Our Human Resources professionals develop HR solutions and strategies based on an understanding of the business and the organization to enable SITA to thrive.  HR action tailored solutions for the business that optimize opportunities and mitigate risks.

The Human Resources profession comprises the following career streams:

HR Generalist

This Career Stream consists of roles with a specific country, regional or business focus. HR Generalists perform essential activities across the spectrum of the HR offering to support the organizational performance including the implementation of strategic HR programs and policies, management of operational activity and provision of local expertise, ensuring compliance with in-country requirements.

HR Specialist

This Career Stream incorporates a wide range of roles, which provide HR expertise in the areas of Reward Management, Talent and Organization Capability and HR Project and Information Management. 


The Finance Profession comprises the following career streams:

  • Accounting/Finance Operations
  • Financial Control
  • Corporate finance
  • M&A
  • Purchasing
  • Internal Audit

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