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George Klimiashvili Bohemia, NY
George Klimiashvili

Software Development Intern

One of the most important lessons learned was how to be team-oriented and make going to work every day feel less mandatory and more enjoyable.

My internship

Hi, my name is George Klimiashvili and this is my story at SITA. I am a sophomore from Republic of Georgia majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester. During the summer of 2017, I spent my time - 13 weeks to be exact - working at SITA in Bohemia, NY as part of the Passenger Flow Monitoring team.

I was hired as a Software Development Intern and had a great opportunity to collaborate with an amazing team of individuals that made the process of working extremely easy and enjoyable. During my time at SITA I had a chance to work on couple of small and one relatively big project. They included changing the stored procedures that would allow faster access to the data, reviewing different diagrams and documentation, testing and fixing applications and creating a custom popup that would make the application more user friendly.

As an international student, I have to travel a lot which can be very time consuming.  Therefore one of the most interesting parts of the internship was working with more experienced specialists to make traveling much easier, faster and convenient.

One of the best parts about interning at SITA was getting to know all the people that made this place feel like a home away from home. They made every day more exciting and joyful.

During my time here at SITA, I learned many lessons that will help in my life and future career. One of the most important ones was how to be team-oriented and make going to work every day feel less mandatory and more enjoyable. Thank you SITA for the amazing opportunity and thanks everyone at the Bohemia office for being like a family to me.

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