SITA helps to drive the aviation industry forward by working with global accelerators and incubators who are enabling the next generation of solutions and services. These new entries into the industry will be presenting in the Innovation in the air section of the exhibition area with demonstrations that provide more details of their proposals.



AnotherTrailAnotherTrail operates a sales and technical excellence service, acting as a portable innovations hub. They enable large organizations to identify use-cases of new technologies, qualify the technical and commercial challenges and engage with emerging technology start-ups from around the world.


autoXPautoXP delivers a world class customer experience by working in partnership with major manufacturers to drive innovation, whilst radically enhancing service through the smart use of technology. 'mobilityXP' is the new word in vehicle asset management (Mobility as a Service). A pool fleet solution that revolutionizes how vehicle assets are managed, distributed and accessed by multiple users nationally. is a progressive brand experience management agency that energizes and inspires the needs of the aviation industry. Our team utilizes an unconventional approach to branding, emphasizing brand perceptions, sensory stimuli elicitation and customer engagement. It’s sheer fun! brings together designers, marketers and strategists to deliver the best possible solutions through revolutionary, pioneering and experiential methods. 

We think of you as our friend and would like you to see us that way too! we are committed to providing a holistic approach of branding opportunities. We share pride in having developed customized solutions for Fortune 500 firms in the USA, Europe and Asia. And as one friend has told us, our work is wicked!

EV ConnectEV Connect are a leading provider of EV charge station solutions and software. With clients across a wide range of sectors, they sell, deploy, manage and provide operational service for the electric vehicle industry worldwide.

A sustainable future starts with making EV charging technology fully accessible. That’s why they have developed the most flexible and reliable EV charging solutions on the market, giving businesses and organizations everywhere the resources they need to service a growing number of EV drivers.

Since 2009, they have deployed more than 3,500 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations—making us a nationwide leader in electric vehicle charging. Their clients include Dell, Marriott, Hilton, Western Digital and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Link to BusinessLink to Business (L2B) is a France-based ISV focused on software for knowing customers better and creating intimacy with each of them in order to get the best stimulus for the maximum quality experience and result. This is KYC/P, Know Your Customer/Passenger. Thanks to the L2B KYC/P product sold as SaaS; retail and hospitality service providers, airport marketing services can build real-time micro-segments of their clients and propose the right product at the right time with the right media (coupon, message, promotion leaflet etc.).

KYC/P can integrate with all legacy and new databases, CRM, and IoT systems in order to inject information into a blue-printed data-model.

Last but not least, L2B KYC/P can be in production within a few weeks, is designed to be used by marketing people, for generating immediate and always improving results.


Discover Olympe, the real-time platform for digital transformation. The company’s mission is to empower business and technical teams to co-create and continuously enhance innovative digital solutions. The Olympe platform reinvents and accelerates software development through distributed ecosystems that are easy to integrate with legacy systems.

OneVisageOneVisage® is a leading cyber-security company headquartered in Switzerland that enables OEM hardware and software integrators to drastically reduce identity theft while maintaining friction-less user-experience.

Their premier software toolkits offer a comprehensive range of authentication solutions that suit the needs of mid-value to military-grade transactions, while offering superior versatility, universality and total data privacy. OneVisage® has been awarded French IoT Winner 2019, PwC SecTech 2018, Top-100 Swiss Fintech Startups 2019, 2018 & 2017, Edison Awards 2016 - ICT Security Gold medal. OneVisage® is Innosuisse and Swiss Made Software certified, member of the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) and FIDO alliance since 2015. 

One WorksOne Works is a global design and consultancy firm, offering an integrated approach to architecture, infrastructure and urban engineering.

They are experts in dealing with complex and crowded spaces. Their extensive knowledge of diverse physical, environmental, historical and social conditions has helped create and shape dynamic places for people around the world.

With over 20 years’ experience and an Italian heritage, they continue to place high-quality design at the center of their multidisciplinary collaborations.

They work from six strategic locations with their design headquarters in Milan and offices in London, Rome, Venice, Dubai and Singapore. From these locations, their team of over 150 architects, designers, engineers and specialist consultants provide a flexible and stable approach to the design and delivery of projects.

Our work continues to succeed because of their collaborative ethos and an understanding of their clients’ aspirations. It gives them the ability to offer truly integrated design solutions across a range of different sectors, including: retail, aviation, transportation, masterplanning and real estate.

QuantCube TechnologyCreated in July 2013 by two ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs, QuantCube Technology was born out of a desire to use to the fullest extent the potential and the new opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

What was at the beginning a Fintech startup focusing on the development of the next generation of investment strategies, rapidly became over the past six years a cross-sectoral R&D company whose purpose is to create value from all types of data. QuantCube Technology is at the forefront of innovation and advocating for an ethical use of data. While looking at the future of analytics, we are always keen to take on new challenges, as we did when we decided a couple of years ago to extend our analytics to the space industry.

The vision of QuantCube Technology has always been international. We have been able to design solutions that fit the specific needs of our clients all over the world, from Europe to North America, Middle East and Asia.

Our team is also the symbol of this vision. Because excellence, diversity and passion are of the utmost importance for us, we gathered a team of talents with diverse backgrounds who share the same values and ambition. The combination of these great minds helped us to become a global leader in Data Analytics in only a few years. 2019 is full of challenges for our company, but we intend to keep doing what we do best: innovating and creating great solutions that will disrupt the industry.