Stephen Lancaster

Stephen Lancaster

Marketing Manager, Rolls-Royce Civil Airlines

Stephen has enjoyed broad experience within Rolls-Royce Civil Airlines, spanning over 30 years.

After graduating with a first class degree in Engineering Science, he completed his graduate training programme in New Delhi, India.

Stephen was part of the engineering team developing and testing the Trent 700 and Trent 800 engines. He worked in Seattle, USA with Boeing for two years, flight testing the engines on the Boeing 777 and 757-300.

Moving to a more business-oriented role, Stephen was part of the team that developed the pioneering TotalCare services model in the early 2000s. He went on to establish engineering and business teams managing the lifecycle costs of engine maintenance.

In 2010, Stephen moved to Rolls-Royce subsidiary OSyS to manage the Engine Health Monitoring service for the Civil Airlines and Energy businesses. He became a leader in the Rolls-Royce Digital team, and has recently joined the Rolls-Royce Civil Airlines Marketing team with particular interest in promoting the exciting developments in digitally enabled services.