16:00 - 17:30  Meet the Future: Start-ups at your fingers | IT Summit
2018-09-27 16:00:00
16:00 - 17:30  Meet the Future: Start-ups at your fingers

The future of the air transport industry is growing beyond travel experiences. Where are we all headed? While airports and airlines actively look for innovative solutions in such areas as logistics, cybersecurity, or streamlining passenger processing, ancillary innovation remains still a largely uncharted territory. We're giving you the opportunity to take a bold step into the future, to wonder at how, in the long term, new technologies will disrupt the air transport industry.

Simone Tolomelli from ACCURAT will talk about The Beauty of Data; Data with great focus on design to look for evidence in the complexity.

Tommaso Gecchelin from NEXT TRANSPORTATION will represent Smooth Travel: From home to plane without going to the airport. An extra-luxury thought that challenges the current rules of the journey at the airport.

Joseph Pompei of HOLOSONICS will present the very interesting topic: Noise Free Airports; A technology to target individuals with the messages that concern them.

Filippo Galanti will introduce the future of urban delivery services and e-Novia’s answer to the exponential growth in the demand for home delivery is YAPE - Your Autonomous Pony Express. The e-Novia project that has given birth to the first self-driving home delivery vehicle entirely designed and built in Italy.