Steve Rick

Steve Rick

CTO, Menzies

Steve is a dynamic business leader who was between 2004-2014 an interim executive, leading complex business transformation and turnaround projects. He has particular strengths in technology, managing and leading the people aspects of change.  

December 2014 – Present. John Menzies Plc. Steve was invited to join the operating Board as Senior Vice President of Systems and Transformation of this 185-year-old Aviation services business, that was originally a newspaper and book seller, counting Charles Dickens as one of its early customers.  Steve’s role has been to lead business transformation with a particular focus on digitization and using real time data to inform management decisions – an algorithmic approach to management.

Menzies is a £2.5Bn global business which employs 36,000 people in 35 countries at 220 airports around the world, delivering complex and time critical logistics and support services from; into plane fuelling, cargo operations, freight forwarding, de and anti-icing, ground support services and front of house services for most of the world’s major airlines. Steve is responsible for leading the transformation of the way the business uses and deploys technology to deliver real business benefit. The digitization of the business has involved the complete re-platforming and re-architecting the infrastructure and solutions starting with the successful $95m IT outsource of Menzies Global IT and Telecoms infrastructure to Sungard AS in October 2015. The creation of a cloud based architecture, embracing both private and public cloud services, and the creation of Menzies own “blockchain”. The transformation program which has used innovative business process engineering tool and the creation of the Menzies Method, a real time library of business critical processes and tools. The transformation has also highlighted the value of partnering with small agile partners, for the creation of solutions and building to complement and enhance the capabilities from more established service providers like SAP and SITA.

Steve is an engineer with a 30-year career in Technology, with a post graduate degree in economics from the LSE, having started his career in the RAF.  Prior to joining Menzies was an interim COO and CTO for Government and a number of major corporations, having previously lead the design and build of a next generation network business and its listing on the London Stock Exchange.