Michael Zaddach

Michael Zaddach

Senior Vice President and CIO, Munich Airport

Michael Zaddach has been a Senior Vice President and CIO at Flughafen M√ľnchen GmbH since 2000, which has repeatedly been awarded the title as Europe's best airport- most recently in 2016.

His areas of responsibility cover IT -Governance, IT -Security, system development, system operation, and the whole IT -infrastructure at Munich airport.

After completing a university degree in communications engineering, he worked at Siemens, AEG and debis Systemhaus in various capacities and several management functions, for example, in system development product-line-management and consulting. At deb is Systemhaus he led a business unit for IT consulting services where he conducted several outsourcing projects.

Michael Zaddach is also chair of the ACI World Airport IT Standing Committee.