Fabio Pacelli

Fabio Pacelli

Chief Innovation Officer, Naples International Airport

Fabio Pacelli, who is an Electronic Engineer, graduated in 1991. Since then he has had consultant experience working for Accenture in prestigious Italian firms (Bank of Italy, Enel and Telecom Italia), where he has performed excellently.

In 1998, he was hired by the British Airport Authority plc in GESAC SpA as ICT Director, with the task to set up the new ICT Organization for Naples International Airport, the first privatized Italian airport.

He was appointed Chairman for Software Design SpA since 1999, which is an innovative ICT company controlled by the BAA group. As Chairman of Software Design he developed new business in the Italian transportation industry for the new market area and has consolidated innovation achieving business objectives.

Over the last years he has also been in charge of different accountabilities in Naples International Airport: Passenger Service Director, Property Retail and non Aviation Business Director, Business Development Director and Chief Financial Officer.

He was appointed Chief Innovation Officer of Naples International Airport in 2017 with the responsibility of leading the innovation strategy to digitally transform the business.