Day 1: Session Presentations

The Day 1 sessions of the 2017 Air Transport IT Summit were held Tuesday, 23 May. 

Bridging the Personalization Gap

There is a lot of talk about personalizing the message and offers to your customers but sadly the research shows that companies are not even identifying the customer correctly  instead using multiple marketing tools to bombard the customer with competing offers across channels.


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General Manager & Travel Industry Specialist, Mindtree

Internet of Things technology

  • What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • It is not a technology revolution
  • It is a business revolution enabled by technology
  • IoT is enabling a new wave in digital business transformation
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Senior Product Manager, SITA

Blockchain payment system

The problem

  • Flight disruption, financial cost, passenger awareness, loyalty to airlines

The solution

  • Passenger notification, TravaCoin compensation, savings for airlines, service charge shared

Also learn the plan and how to get involved...

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CEO & Founder, TravaCoin

Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Data inflation

  • Big data is big... How big?
  • Big data and new behaviors influence customer experience and emotions influence decisions
  • Service level expectations are rising

... and how an evolving automation framework is producing results

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Solution Specialist Director, Orange Business Services

Data makes conversations

  • Data matters and there's a lot in airports
  • Measuring and analyzing is critical
  • 6 steps to a data driven smart airport
  • CrowdVision is making conversations for now and tomorrow
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Founder and CEO, CrowdVision

Introducing high fidelity location services

LocusMaps gives airports, and the airlines and services providers that operate there, a digital platform to communicate, share and manage everything about their physical space.

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MD, LocusLabs

Enabling the NDC age for the airline retail industry

  • The direct distribution model
  • Why direct distribution?
  • NDC Distribution with AirGateway
  • Airlines status
  • AirGateway & SITA - NDC API Manager
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Founder & CEO, AirGateway GmbH

The blockchain imperatives

  • Beware of the hype
  • Production deployments on blockchain
  • The wrong and right questions
  • Flight info on blockchain
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Lead Engineer, SITA Lab

Modernization of airports through smart IT

  • Airport Operations Control Center (AOCC)
  • Value adds
  • Case studies
  • Benefits - passengers & stakeholders
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SVP & Project Director (AOCC), NIIT Technologies Ltd

Developing the next generation of global connectivity

  • New global wholesale connectivity opportunity
  • ABWN's InfinitusTM System - how it works
  • Potential Markets
  • Wireless laser communications
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CEO, Airborne Wireless Network Inc. ; Systems Engineer, ViaLight Communications

Latest data analytics

  • On time performance
  • Operational resilience
  • Decision support
  • Cost control
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Airport Solutions Portfolio Director, SITA

Digital customer experience: transforming the aviation industry

Frequent commuting between major cities should be getting easier, not harder. Our innovative door-to-door subscription will get you from home to the interstate office efficiently and without the usual hassles and pain points experienced on commercial airlines. 

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APAC CTO & VP of Solution Sales, Dynatrace

Intelligent machines alternatives

  • Smart machines to enter mainstream adoption
  • What about air transport?
  • R&D and how we will manage intelligent machines
  • KATE the robotic kiosk
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Director, SITA Lab

Mixed Reality

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Co-founder & CTO, Fracture Reality

Single token ID scenario

  • Fast & simple enrollment
  • Verification at multiple touchpoints
  • Operational insights & a future scenario
  •  A whole-journey approach
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Head of Portfolio Management, Government Solutions, SITA

Driving down air transport operational costs through intelligent automation

  • Automation & technology arbitrage
  • Automation in an enterprise
  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast
  • Demo of automation in operations
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President & Global Head - Travel & Transportation, Hexaware