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Rob Minson

Co-founder & CTO, Fracture Reality

Rob is co-founder and CTO of Fracture, a company that helps you do better visualization and collaboration using Mixed Reality technology.

Rob started his career in academia, and holds a PhD in Advanced Simulation and Modelling systems. For the last decade, he has worked in the games industry on challenges from advanced rending to user-centered design and large-scale modelling. He left the games industry in 2015 to found Fracture and pursue a passion for the burgeoning field of Mixed Reality.

Mixed Reality fuses of the best of Virtual- and Augmented-Reality technology to seamlessly blend digital content in to your physical world. Through a combination of consultancy, bespoke applications development and their proprietary technology, Fracture has helped companies from logistics, engineering, brand engagement and other fields to radically change their approach to visualizing and collaborating around real-time, complex data.