11:55 Technology start-ups

11:55 Technology start-ups

What role will today's start-ups play in tomorrow's world? Join technology start-ups to see how their innovations could shape the future. 

Stage 1

  • Data makes conversations
    Fiona Strens, CEO, CrowdVision
  • Mixed Reality
    Rob Minson, Co-founder & CTO, Fracture Reality
  • Blockchain payment system
    Brian Whelan, CEO & Founder, TravaCoin

Stage 2

  • Tap into unrealized revenue streams
    Bojan Jokic, CEO & Co-founder, Epteca
  • Introducing high fidelity location services
    Jack Loop, MD, LocusLabs
  • Enabling the NDC age for the airline retail industry
    Jorge Diaz, Founder & CEO, AirGateway GmbH



This session consists of two talks running in parallel on separate stages, so delegates can choose to see one talk out of the two at this time. This session is repeated at 17:25 to give delegates the opportunity to see both talks during the day. N.B. With limited capacity, seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.