18:00 Technology industry partners

18:00 Technology industry partners

Stage 1

Digital customer experience: transforming the aviation industry
Rafi Katanasho, APAC CTO & VP of Solution Sales, Dynatrace
The aviation industry is witnessing disruptive growth and expansion. Airlines and airports around the world are rethinking their operating models more than ever before— to deliver delightful customer experiences from booking, to check-in, on the flight and beyond.

Find out how Dynatrace has redefined monitoring by providing customer experience and application performance insight for business-critical applications like self-boarding, wayfinding and digitalizing of passenger name lists, passenger bag load status and connecting flight information. See us to discuss transforming aviation experiences for every user, every app, everywhere.


Stage 2

Developing the next generation of global connectivity
Kevin Shortt, Business Development & Systems Engineer, ViaLight Communications GmbH
Michael Warren, CEO, Airborne Wireless Networks Inc
In this age of industry 4.0, wireless laser communications technology stands to transform air travel by bringing backbone network connectivity to a passenger at any point along their journey – whether sitting at the gate or flying at 40,000 ft. The concept of a mesh network of interconnected aircraft as proposed by Airborne Wireless Network Inc. will be a major leap in the digitization of the air transport industry. Central to creating such expansive networks through commercial aviation infrastructure is ViaLight Communications' world leading wireless laser communication technology.

With high speed data links running up to 10 Gbps, an aircraft can transfer hundreds of gigabytes while simply sitting at the gate – downloading everything from passenger-specific media content to the most up to date high fidelity weather information for the crew. What’s more, ViaLight’s laser communications terminals enables networks of interconnected aircraft throughout the world using the same basic principles we are all familiar with in today’s urban networks, creating a vast information highway and transforming a passenger’s inflight experience. Passengers can stream video and surf the internet just as they would at home. Airline maintenance teams can benefit from the gigabytes of aircraft performance data streamed to them long before an aircraft rolls up to the gate, thus improving responsiveness and turnaround times. Search and rescue efforts will forever be transformed simply by monitoring the status of the network and responding to unexpected network disconnects. The network service provided by Airborne Wireless Network Inc. will not only transform air travel but will fundamentally improve the way stakeholders in the aviation eco-system collaborate.