12:20 Technology industry partners

12:20 Technology industry partners

Insights from our air transport industry sponsors

Stage 1

  • Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence
    Eric Stioui, Solution Specialist Director, Orange Business Services
    Big data, analytics and AI is changing the IT game. Orange has taken advantage of those new technologies as overlay and transversal processes for the legacy IT applications. The benefits are material, as data consistency has improved whereas tedious manual work to correct errors has dramatically decreased. As a result, business processes run faster and smoother, and customers are better served.

Stage 2

  • Driving down air transport operational costs through intelligent automation
    Vijay Iyer, President & Global Head – Travel & Transportation, Hexaware

    The current air transport industry continues to grow rapidly but consistent and robust profitability is elusive. To remain competitive, all aviation industry players need to embrace technology advancements to automate their operations while delivering superior end to end personalized stakeholder experience.

    With the proliferation of new technologies, all enterprises are in a “hybrid” mode of having to manage a myriad of systems, whilst trying to fulfill the newer business requirements around NDC, software defined networks, baggage services, passenger data, irregular operations (IRROPs), advanced cyber security, etc.

    These systems include 40 year old mainframe systems, as well as the latest cloud-enabled next generation applications.  Since, all these new age and legacy systems generate a lot of system data and valuable insights around predictive & preventive maintenance of critical applications – provided they are all analyzed. It is humanly impossible to analyze all of these data, and predict or prevent failures, or configure for superior end-user experience.

    The next generation automated IT operations management model is here – and is very real. In today’s competitive environment any business problem eliminated or resolved with speed without compromising the quality of service offering to the end customer, will bring that added advantage to you. The tools required to achieve this include robotic process automation (addressing repetitive procedure based on manual work), anomaly detection (identifying root causes by analyzing millions of log file data), known error database (resolving problems instantly), and an advanced cognitive automation engine.

    This session will talk about how aviation industry can leverage this advanced technology to reduce the MTTR, enhance uptime and improvise on customer and end user experience while reducing operations cost by over 40%.

This session consists of two talks running in parallel on separate stages, so delegates can choose to see one talk out of the two at this time. N.B. With limited capacity, seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.