Matthew Finn MD, AUGMENTIQ

Matthew will moderate the session, "Getting smart about identity management in air transport."

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Matthew is the Managing Director of AUGMENTIQ.  He advises Chief Executives and the leadership teams of many of the industry's highest profile security companies, briefs ministers and politicians on homeland security policy, and is a regular commentator on security issues in the media.

Matthew is a well-known speaker at international conferences, advocating the need for greater leadership in security and shaping the debate on identity management, the role of data and intelligence, and challenging conventional thinking to improve security outcomes.

Building on a career spanning 25 years in both the public and private sector, Matthew created AUGMENTIQ — an independent consultancy practice focusing on border, aviation and transportation security.  Throughout many years working in the field, Matthew has built an extensive network of relationships in governments, international organizations, industry bodies and private sector companies all around the world.

Matthew is an Editorial Advisory Board Member of Aviation Security International, an Advisory Board Member for Smart Borders and is Strategic Advisor to and Chairman of SDW 2016.  Matthew is also the founder of the Security Leadership Lab, launching in Winter 2016.