Behshad Behzadi Principal Engineer, Google

Behshad will be speaking in the session, "Improving life on the go."

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Behshad joined Google in 2006, and has been working on various search efforts during this time, including Core Ranking, Freshness, Safesearch and Google Alerts. Most recently, as director of Conversational Search, Behshad leads one of the company’s most challenging computer science projects: to help make interactions with Google easier by using natural voice conversations that understand you and your context. Behshad is also the engineering lead for Now On Tap - A Google Assist product that connects you to useful information or next actions in just one tap, wherever you are on your smartphone.

Prior to Google, Behshad graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (X99) where he later pursued his PhD studies in Bioinformatics. He was then a post-doc researcher in Max Plank Institute for Molecular Genetics, focusing on algorithmic comparative genomics.