Smarter at every step

26 May session abstracts

Smarter journeys start here - introduction

A new connected era beckons. As an industry, we need to take full advantage of the opportunities.

Smarter at every step - the mega-trends

Tomorrow’s journey will be smarter, and technology and innovation will continue their increasingly critical role in creating it. To get there, our industry must focus on those mega-trends and technologies that will deliver better insights into our passengers and operations, improve ‘life on the go’ and enable better passenger relationships and operational efficiencies. As we look to technologies like predictive analytics, the next wave of personal mobile, the Internet of Things and smarter systems, what roles do our industry leaders see them playing? What value might we expect them to deliver to our airlines and airports?  How can we embrace and adapt to these trends, and at what speed?

Technology perspectives


CXO perspectives


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Systems just keep getting smarter

Trends in cognitive computing and artificial intelligence are ushering in learning systems capable of semantic search, massive big data mining and pattern recognition. For air transport, the advances will deliver seismic changes permeating every corner of the industry’s operations. We will gain new capabilities in rapid decision-making and contextual intelligence, with the ability to predict, prevent and mitigate disruptive events. But how do these capabilities play out in air transport: Where is the potential? What are the quick wins? What challenges lie ahead? And crucially, when exactly will cognitive computing start enhancing our understanding of passenger and industry operations at every step of the way – before, after and on the day of travel?


The march of the IoT

Stand by for the revolution. Everyone’s talking about the Internet of Things, and while there’s clearly much more to it than hype, a lot of serious questions still need to be addressed. What impact can we expect on the workings of the air transport industry and the lives of our passengers? What technologies and innovations will make the difference? What opportunities can we start exploiting now and further down the road? How will the IoT play out on board, as we learn more about connected aircraft? And what other use cases exist in our industry?


Improving 'life on the go'

The phenomenal rise of mobile is a driving force in the digitization of air transport, delivering an ever improving experience for travelers across every step of the journey. Whether it’s through m-payments, wearables, mobile apps or sensors, we’ll see new levels of confidence in the intelligence we receive and provide across smarter devices with ever growing functionality. How do we see life on the go being smarter than ever before? And how will ‘going mobile and digital’ take us beyond today’s thinking, harness more digital touchpoints, and enable a new journey experience?

The future of search


Industry perspectives