Smarter at every step

25 May session abstracts

Session A: Low-cost connectivity for all and everything

Be prepared. The underdeveloped world is rising. Passenger numbers are accelerating.  The developing world is massively adopting and demanding truly global coverage for ever more sophisticated personal mobile services. It’s driving a new era of low-cost web. At the same time, the imminent arrival of billions of tiny smart devices demands ultra low-cost and ubiquitous data transmission. For air transport, what are the new enabling trends in connectivity to watch for? And how should we plan and prepare for this new era, bringing to bear the much anticipated game-changing advances that will determine passenger journeys and uproot our industry’s ways of working?


Session B: Getting smart about identity management in air transport

As the air transport industry’s increasingly pervasive digital environment connects more and more people and ‘things’, never before has it been so critical to blaze new trails in identity management. It’s an area with as many opportunities as there are challenges. Already we’re seeing the potential of biometrics and single tokens with their promise to streamline and simplify the travel process. But where are we headed with identity management? What's next for identity technologies to help remove barriers to people-flow at the airport and prevent identity fraud for travelers and resources alike?


Session C: Enabling the connected aircraft

Modern ‘connected aircraft’ generate vast amounts of data. But how can airlines collect, distribute, and rapidly apply that data to improve operational performance and the customer experience? How can connecting technologies help to truly integrate the aircraft into the airline’s IT infrastructure, both in the air and on the ground? From in-flight passenger connectivity, crew tablets and Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) to new generation satellite technologies and wireless techniques at the gate, what are the enabling technologies for airlines to realize the full potential of connected aircraft?


Session D: Cybersecurity - tackling the threat

In the digital age of air transport – with its ever-more connected industry operations, passengers and aircraft – air transport faces a constant threat of cyber attacks, both on the critical infrastructure that keeps the wheels of air travel in motion, and on passenger data. The spotlight on threat intelligence, identity protection, data privacy and security in air transport has never been more intense. As we navigate deepening ‘lakes’ of data to become smarter at every step, how do we protect our operations and passengers, ensuring the utmost security and resilience across the air transport community?