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Ground handlers

Discover SITA know-how for ground handlers

Ground handlers are under pressure to reduce costs and to shorten flight turnaround. SITA can help. We offer solutions that exploit the latest technologies for passenger services, aircraft loading and dispatch, and mobility for management of staff schedules, duties and resources. Our solutions increase staff productivity, automate processes and improve passenger handling for ground handlers worldwide.

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Airport operations


Efficient operations for ground handlers

SITA Community Messaging  solution is designed for the exchange and integration of business-critical data. Linking  up the largest community of ATI companies and organizations.

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Ground handler solutions

Maximize operational efficiency, increase the flow of passengers, and meet on-time departure demands, while providing a rapid and secure check-in process.
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Weight & Balance

SITA's Weight & Balance has all the functionality needed by airlines and ground handlers to safely load and dispatch an aircraft.
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WorldTracer® is a centrally managed tracing and matching service that enables airlines and agents to locate lost and found baggage across the world.
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