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Optimize revenue collection?

As the annual growth in demand for air connectivity increases, ANSPs management of their revenues derived from passenger and cargo carriers is becoming increasingly complex. Today most revenues are collected through simple billing services which are still handled by outdated back-office software and business processes. They are slow and mask the hidden internal costs of inaccurate and incomplete data, invoicing, processing and payment delays and other issues that plague today’s customers.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

“Inefficiencies in billing customers and revenue management can cost ANSPs6% of revenue,and in some cases, significantly more.”

Jeff Poole, Director General of CANSO, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization

Flightyield offers the solution, operated in partnership with CANSO, SITA Bureau Services and Airways, New Zealand’s ANSP. It is is a fully outsourced, cloud-based billing, collection and revenue management service.

It gives ANSPs an easy and cost-effective industry-standard approach to the ever present problem of billing and revenue collection. Added to that, it enables providers to maximize revenue while putting a stop to the growing costs of managing revenue through current systems by improving accuracy and decreasing the processing time for invoicing.


  • Is fully integrated with ANSPs data sources and financial systems
  • Incorporates a sophisticated and granular charging rule engine
  • Uses real-time electronic processing to significantly reduce the hidden costs of invoice processing
  • Is powered by SITA’s air transport industry (ATI) Cloud.

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Flightyield is the only fully integrated and managed aeronautical billing solution purpose-built for ANSPs, which simplifies and automates the billing process to significantly reduce the hidden costs of invoice processing and cash collection.

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