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A robust passenger management system


SITA’s Reservations is the world’s largest independent, multi-host passenger management system. It provides key functionality for reservations and inventory control, flight and schedule management in conjunction with associated pricing, ticketing and check-in. It is used by more than 100 airlines to reach 120 million passengers each year.

Flexible sales channels

Reservations can manage your bookings made at airline and partner sales offices, through global distribution systems (GDSs), travel distributors and online sites. It also facilitates code share and interlining quickly and efficiently and lets you sell partner services in conjunction with your own.

Compatible with your airline

With its user-controlled parameters, Reservations has the flexibility to meet your requirements – whatever your size or business strategy. It is among the most feature-rich platforms available and includes a unique self-administered code share package.

Neutral provider

SITA’s Reservations is an entirely neutral platform free from influence by travel agency networks. This  fully managed application service provider (ASP) service is integrated with Revenue Management, Departure Control Services, Ticketing and Airfare Price.

Reservations Use cases
pdf - 247 kb

100+ global airlines use Reservations to serve 120+ million passengers per year

How it works

Reservations is the key building block for SITA’s passenger management portfolio, and is an integral part of Horizon® Passenger Management and Distribution solution. It maximizes the utility and cost-effectiveness of all our other offerings.


  • Real-time inventory management (including block space) and schedule management
  • Extensive group management functionality
  • Inventory-controlled SSR
  • On-demand management reporting
  • Parameter-driven user controls, enabling self-implemented changes
  • Support for low-cost carrier requirements and evolution to hybrid and full-service operational models


  • Customer Journey – tracks trip-related information as well as past and future journeys
  • Customer Profile – stores customer information, using it to create bookings and more
  • Marketplace Air – multi-carrier inventory lets airlines purchase air segments on other airlines
  • Reservations Desktop – advanced graphical user interface (GUI) for reservations agents

Your benefits

SITA’s Reservations provides several benefits to airlines facing increased pressure from costs. These include:

  • Reduced distribution and GDS costs
  • Enhanced partner relationships through efficient code share and interlining
  • Enriched customer relationships
  • Increased lifetime value of customer
  • Improved flexibility


SITA Global Services

This product is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS) which provides you with global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services.

Reservations Use cases
pdf - 247 kb

100+ global airlines use Reservations to serve 120+ million passengers per year

Use cases

Customer Journey

pdf - 208 kb
Track trip-related information such as current flight data as well as data relating to past and future journeys thus delivering ‘live’ customer information.
Use cases

Customer Profile

pdf - 207 kb
Keep on top of accurate and vital information about the customer throughout the engagement process while getting decision support in service interactions using customer value.

The need to know

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The journey is about more than the trip – it reflects the airline’s brand. That means airlines need to get to know their passengers a lot better to enhance services and the brand experience.

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