Where can I simplify my journey?

The airport map tells you what's available, and where, beginning 1 June at KL International Airport.

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Experience the future of travel at KL International Airport

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Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airports

Tired of standing in line?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia Airports and SITA (specialists in air transport communications and IT solutions) are collaborating in bringing a simpler travel experience for passengers.

This experience will include:

  • 2D bar-coded boarding passes - Access them via the Web, a kiosk, a check-in desk or even a mobile phone. Passengers can avoid long queues and get their boarding passes before they even arrive at the airport.
  • Self-service options throughout the airport - The Fast Travel Programme introduces several self-service options, including gates that allow passengers to scan their own boarding passes and access the aircraft.
  • New ways to process mishandled bags - The Baggage Improvement Programme (BIP) addresses all causes of baggage mishandling. BIP will help ensure that passengers are reunited with their bags, and improve upon KL International Airport and Malaysia Airline's already impressive baggage handling operation.

Find out how you can experience a simpler journey

Traveling through Kuala Lumpur in June? Visit the "simplify your journey" showcase at the departures hall. The showcase gives you all the information you need to skip the queues - from check-in to arrival. It also tells you where these services are live, so you can keep an eye out for them during your airport journey.

Look for "simplify your journey" signs throughout the airport to see what's available and how you can benefit.


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