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Jim Robinson , Aviation Strategic Advisor, ARUP

Building our way out is not the answer

Airport infrastructure in many busy regions is capacity-challenged, causing delays, crowding and poor service levels. Physical solutions through airport development plans will not be able to cope with expected long-term growth.

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Randy Pizzi , President, Americas, SITA

Celebrating the future in Montreal

I’m getting ready to enjoy the Airports Council International (ACI) 25th anniversary celebration in Montreal. It is a great city with very strong connections to the air transport industry. It is of course home to ICAO and the headquarters of IATA and ACI. SITA too has a strong presence there. 

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Jim Peters , Chief Technology Officer

Identity management: A meeting of minds

In the space of just a few months the air transport industry and US government have made remarkable progress towards a common vision for identity management of the future.

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