Flight Briefing

The best route at least cost

SITA’s Flight Briefing portfolio contains all the tools required for optimized and accurate flight planning.  It includes Flight Planning (the core component), plus the Surface Weather and NOTAMs Module and Airport, Runway and Obstacle Data (AGA).


Making the right choice of routing requires a sophisticated level of automation. Such automation needs to be globally accessible, trustworthy and provided by a credible and recognized industry organization.

SITA Flight Briefing is a package of critical documents that provide safe and optimized pre-flight briefs. The majority of the documentation is mandatory per civil aviation regulations.

SITA Flight Briefing is one component of a complete, integrated IP solution that includes:

  • Flight Planning
  • Surface Weather
  • Upper Air METEO (Weather) Data
  • Airport information
  • Notices to Airmen (NOTAM)
  • Significant Weather Charts

SITA Fight Briefing provides two ways to access package features.

  • GraFlite client application
  • SITA Flight Briefing Web site


SITA Flight Briefing provides the following benefits.

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced communication costs
  • Increased convenience and customization of Internet-based distribution system
  • Simplified routing - just add an extra destination to send a flight plan to Flight Briefing Online
  • Full control of your flight operations data
  • Accessible flight plan to remote users


SITA Flight Briefing includes the following features.

  • IP over SITA or Internet, eliminating the need for type B delivery
  • Intuitive GUIs using standard Windows, IE or Netscape software
  • Flight plans proven to be highly accurate (+/- 200 kgs on 12-hour sector = real fuel savings)
  • NOTAM briefs tailored automatically to specific routing with output fully customised and accurately filtered
  • Dynamic real-time route generation, taking into account upper air winds, operating costs and ATC restrictions
  • Full user control and management of routes in real-time
  • Forward date scenarios to simplify incoming AIRAC changes
  • 400+ aircraft/engine combinations, 600+ flight plan formats database created using a PC formatter to allow fast creation of new layouts
  • Approximately 7000 flight plans produced per day
  • Airport information database with surveillance service that notifies you of any changes to key attributes
  • Obstacle and runway information can be imported into Airbus PEP, ATR FOS and Boeing BLT software packages