Cargospot Airline

Complete end-to-end control over the sale and management of cargo

Declining yields and skyrocketing fuel costs exert relentless pressure on air cargo carriers. Only the most efficient airlines, optimizing the latest and most-effective IT systems, will survive.

Cargospot Airline is a comprehensive cargo management system, specially designed for airlines. It ensures every ounce of cargo contributes to your bottom line without increasing your total costs.


Cargospot Airline:

  • Integrates the processing of all cargo-related business activities
  • Accelerates carriers’ capability to react to changes in operational requirements, market situations and procedural changes
  • Eliminates support and maintenance costs of legacy applications
  • Integrates with existing or new third-party systems
  • Improves speed and accuracy of invoicing and reporting
  • Reduces unit cost of processing air cargo

Cargospot Airline provides a modern software platform for:

  • Carriers of virtually any size in need of a complete solution for the automation of their entire cargo business
  • Carriers choosing to benefit from using the application on a hosted basis, eliminating the need for installing and maintaining software
  • Exceptionally large carriers who may wish to run the application in-house


Cargospot Airline provides the following benefits.

  • Reduces support and maintenance costs
  • Eliminates cost of legacy third-party hosting system
  • Expedites reaction to operational requirements, market situations and procedural changes
  • Improves yield and cash position
  • Minimizes number of queries and corrections
  • Reduces unit cost of processing air cargo


Cargospot Airline includes the following features.

  • Single point of data entry
  • Instant access to numerous key data
  • Flight schedule and availability control
  • Space allotment handling
  • Data entry based on incoming Cargo IMP messages or manually
  • Automated booking information update to clients by fax or e-mail
  • Preparation of Load Advices for ground handling agents, including FBL Message  
  • Receiving of C-IMP-based messages
  • Full AWB data capture for invoicing purposes including automatic calculation of trucking, handling and other costs
  • Tracking and tracing functions
  • Carrier-specific message templates

Next steps

Once a you have subscribed to Cargospot Airline, you may wish to use additional modules such as Cargospot Handling, Cargospot Revenue, Cargospot GSA and ULD Manager.

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