Industry Insight Sessions

The potential of collaboration

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The Industry Insight Sessions for the 2013 Air Transport IT Summit will be held on Wednesday, 19 June.

1. The mobile explosion. Now really is the time to think differently.

Consumer adoption of smart mobile devices is ubiquitous. With this, the industry is set to see a transformation in the scope and scale of travel-related services available to passengers. But how is mobile challenging the status quo in air transport? And what challenges do airlines and other industry stakeholders face in achieving breakthrough transformations through mobile?

2. Harnessing business intelligence and big data. Is collaboration the key to success?

Data has never been more important. And the access to dependable business intelligence will be instrumental in the delivery of more efficient and effective operations - and in the achievement of the ideal passenger experience, where access to wider sources of so called ''big data'' will become increasingly important. By collaborating more on exposing and sharing such intelligence, the industry can expect to make step changes in performance and customer satisfaction.

3. The next generation passenger. It's getting personal.

Passenger and airline expectations concerning the ways air travel is booked and experienced are constantly evolving. Passengers want choice along with seamless and personalized service on-demand, at any stage of their journey, anywhere and everywhere they travel.

How do airlines enable their IT systems to support the growing sophistication of their customers' requirements and ensure personalized service delivery at every touchpoint. How can the travel industry improve its collaboration to create the ideal journey for airline customers?

4. Airline IT Trends: the overview

Celebrating 15 years of market insight for the air transport industry

In keeping with tradition, SITA will launch its new Airline IT Trends Survey results and encourage discussion on the key findings with a panel of Industry experts.