SITA Board

Currently, the SITA Board is composed of 13 Board Directors, including the SITA CEO.

Board Directors are nominated by the SITA Council for appointment by the General Assembly of Members.

The term of office for Board Directors, except the SITA CEO, will be three years, with one-third of the Board seats being available for re-election each year.

The role of the SITA Board has been modelled on best practice for both cooperative and commercial organizations. The SITA Board supervises the activities of the SITA Group so as to ensure its effective operations.

The SITA Board has two standing Committees: the Audit & Risk Management Committee and the Remuneration Committee, which report into the SITA Board.

SITA Board Directors

Bill Miller (Chair)
Matthew Billings (Vice-Chair)
Kevin Cai
Paul Coby
Omar Jefri
Laurent Jossart
Myriam Meyer
Patrick Naef
Hera Siu
Tomasz Smaczny
A.T. Srinivasan
Lianne Stein
Francesco Violante

SITA Board Committees

Audit and Risk Management Committee

Advises the SITA Board on matters relating to financial policy and control, as well as risk management of SITA.

Audit and Risk Management Committee members

Laurent Jossart (Chair)
Matthew Billings
Tomasz Smaczny
Lianne Stein

SITA Internal Audit and Risk Management reports directly to this Committee and is headed by Philip D'Hondt.

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Remuneration Committee

Advises the SITA Board on matters relating to SITA-wide remuneration policies.

Remuneration Committee members

Paul Coby (Chair)
Kevin Cai
Myriam Meyer
Patrick Naef