Cargo Management

Stay connected to the widest air cargo community.

Effective use of IT remains at the heart of successful industry change. A successful business needs the secure and seamless transmission of data between all participants of its supply chain.

SITA’s subsidiary, CHAMP Cargosystems, provides e-enabled distribution services for the widest air cargo community in the market.  The size and combined expertise of CHAMP’s global community creates a plethora of benefits.


Market experts

CHAMP’s Cargo Management technology is highly interoperable, modular and scalable. CHAMP serves more than 200 airlines and general sales agents, and connects these with some 3,000 forwarders and ground handling agents.

CHAMP has the technical expertise and depth of business connections with the industry to enable you to transition to an e-enabled platform without limiting your market exposure.

Cargo Management Systems

CHAMP’s cargo management systems, well known under the Cargospot brand, controls capacity, sales, operation and accounting processes throughout your entire supply chain. The core cargo systems for carriers, ground handlers and general sales agents are completed by applications for Business Intelligence and Unit Load Device (ULD) Management. They also include optimized load planning for freight operations.

Community integration platform

The Traxon cargoHUB platform simplifies the transmission, conversion and distribution of messages. It expands the scope of information sharing within the air logistics community. CHAMP’s Cargo Management message distribution services create a paper-free operation.

eCargo Suite

The comprehensive eCargo Suite provides a single source solution for the following business areas:

  • Customs and security
  • Quality and service management
  • Paper-free and eFreight
  • Portals and mobility





CHAMP specializes in managing change, simplifying complexity and delivering innovative technology solutions.

With our industry partners, CHAMP drives:

  • Global customs compliance
  • Industry standards
  • The move to e-Cargo
  • XML messaging

Working together, we will:

  • Minimize costs
  • Maximize revenue and yield
  • Ensure compliance with new industry initiatives
  • Strengthen security measures
  • Unite partners into an e-Community
  • Integrate cargo business with airline enterprise


CHAMP's Cargo Management provides:

  • Secure and robust control of cargo movement
  • Traxon community integration platform
  • Agile, functional and responsive interfaces
  • Rich interfaces between modules
  • Integrated business intelligence
  • Compliance with new industry initiatives
  • Constant development cycle introducing new features
  • Software development driven by community requirements