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WorldTracer Services suite of industry applications is a comprehensive airline information management system for mishandled property that sets the standard for baggage services worldwide. By incorporating multi-system functionality into a single product, WorldTracer is flexible, fully integrated, and easy to use.

Co-sponsored by SITA and IATA, WorldTracer was introduced to assist in the rapid recovery of misrouted passenger baggage, allowing information exchange within a given airline as well as between airlines worldwide. Today WorldTracer consists of distinct service modules for tracing and management of baggage along with extensive reporting capabilities. These modules allow for full customization of baggage handling requirements.

Customer feedback plays an integral part in determining future system development for all modules. An active user group consisting of airlines and handling agents worldwide, meets annually to prioritize enhancements and exchange views on baggage industry trends.

With some 360+ customers, WorldTracer has achieved a global presence providing airlines and their agents, at over 1,960 airport locations, with a standard worldwide industry baggage tracing service. WorldTracer Services suite of industry applications demonstrates our commitment to meeting customer needs and serves as an example of how SITA is growing and expanding in partnership with our customers.

Baggage Tracing

WorldTracer Tracing is a highly effective yet easy to use baggage tracing system providing continuous tracing for up to 100 days. It incorporates IATA rules and recommendations concerning baggage tracing. WorldTracer Tracing maintains a large worldwide database of on-hand and forwarded baggage information and has a sophisticated matching mechanism based on external and internal baggage characteristics. Advanced matching features like our plain language ‘Contents Assembly Guide’ give WorldTracer the ability to find mishandled baggage more quickly and easily.

Baggage Management

The WorldTracer Management module features extensive tools to manage and rectify the consequences of mishandled baggage. Through a seamless interface with WorldTracer Tracing and other industry baggage tracing systems, the airline is able to create, retrieve and amend all types of baggage records, as well as exchange messages with other industry tracing systems and communicate with other departments, stations and airlines.

The Management module also offers a subscriber the ability to maintain a log and find unchecked articles left in an airline’s facility, such as a book left in an airplane seatback pocket or an umbrella left in the gate area. The Found Property Register allows airlines to log and retrieve items found onboard an aircraft or in the airport. Items are retained in this log from 30 to 90 days.

Another of WorldTracer 's primary features is its powerful and flexible reporting capability. The Management module provides a number of reports with a variety of options that cover various aspects of baggage performance. WorldTracer Management is the industry standard baggage management and filing system, providing airlines with a single source for controlling all functions associated with baggage handling.

Claims Investigation

The Claims Investigation module is a stand-alone module within the WorldTracer Baggage System that acts as a data repository of baggage claims that are pending, settled or closed as a result of a passenger's bag being lost, damaged or having had contents stolen.

This module gives members the ability to monitor files and match with other files from their airline or other member airlines where a claim payment has been made.

Claims Investigation has been designed to interface with WorldTracer Management and Tracing modules in a seamless way. This is achieved by creating a claims file using an existing Tracing or Management AHL or DPR file reference number. Upon entering the existing file reference, a mask will be displayed with the main elements already completed with information taken from the original AHL or DPR file. The additional elements needed to create a claims file are also displayed (blank) ready to be completed by the agent.

Internet Service

In response to a need from our WorldTracer customers, SITA developed an Internet interface to its popular WorldTracer Baggage System. When baggage is mishandled, the need for timely information becomes a priority. Up until now, this meant that airline personnel were needed to handle phone calls or required personal visits from the traveler to check the status of a baggage search.

Internet access to WorldTracer files provides the airline passenger with another option in obtaining the most current information regarding their mishandled baggage. It gives the passenger the power to track the progress of their own mishandling report from home, office, or hotel room via the Internet 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. WorldTracer Internet service can be used via an airline’s web page or via the WorldTracer web page. This "single system access" means that all passengers of participating WorldTracer airlines will enter the same format and receive the same type of information.

This access page will require that the passenger enter his WorldTracer File Reference number and Last Name. This entry will produce information regarding the status of his luggage and provides a means to confirm file data. This access provides a new level of customer support and demonstrates WorldTracer 's commitment to providing service that can be accessed globally in a single format regardless of an airline’s host system.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response service is an option available to the Internet Service and is provided by Aumtech, a SITA partner.

Contact Us

If you are an airline or airline handling agency and you would like WorldTracer pricing and subscription information, please send us an email to worldtracer@sita.aero or a TTY message to ATLGBXS with your name and title, the name of your company and a telephone, e-mail or TTY contact where you can be reached.

NOTE: If you are a passenger and your baggage is missing, please contact your airline for assistance.

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