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Community Cyber Threat Center

LaptopCyber Security has steadily progressed to become a key topic on companies' Risk agendas. Our industry – and many others - has seen a dramatic change as security researchers, hackers, criminal organizations and nation-states target the vast expanse of global air transportation.

Stakeholders from across the industry are calling for joint actions and increased collaboration to actively combat the cyber security threat. Our ability to share threat information relating to cyber security incidents affecting our industry has become paramount. With such information the industry will increasingly be able to search for those attackers deeply nested into our infrastructure and provide a coordinated response to those who seek to take advantage of temporary security lapses.

SITA is working to support a community-wide response where cyber threat information can be shared with members to counter the common threats. SITA has already shared a number of alerts with members of its Cybersecurity Work Group. These were actionable warnings enabling direct response by those affected.

The Cyber Threat Center will be launched in 2017 and will be open to all SITA member organizations. Contact us at to learn more.

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