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About SITA

OnAir is a fully owned subsidiary of SITA, originally incorporated as a joint venture with Airbus in February 2005. In February 2013 Airbus sold its 33% final stake to SITA

On January 1 2015 , SITA and OnAir formed SITAONAIR as part of the SITA Group,  to help airlines realize the full potential of the connected aircraft. The core of the new business organization is SITA’s proven knowledge of airline communications and IT, and OnAir’s expertise in supplying in-flight connectivity

By bringing  together  SITA’s and OnAir’s industry leadership and expertise;  in ground and inflight connectivity, cockpit data services and air traffic management solutions, aircraft communications and infrastructure solutions, as well as application development for both passengers and crew, SITAONAIR sets the benchmark for true nose-to-tail solutions.

SITAONAIR provides the complete range of products and services an airline needs to realize the full potential of the connected aircraft regardless of fleet size, route structure or aircraft type.

Passenger solutions

SITAONAIR provides inflight connectivity with consistent global coverage for both inflight mobile phone and Wi-Fi services, as well as a wireless inflight entertainment solution.

Cabin crew solutions

Airlines can personalize the passenger experience by giving crew access to real-time information on the flight, and real-time credit card authorization improves security for on-board retail.

Cockpit crew solutions

Tablets have replaced bundles of paper in the cockpit. Paperless operations drive airline efficiency while connected tablets can also receive real-time and visual Flight Information Services, such as weather forecast.

Aircraft solutions

Predictive maintenance is enabled by the acquisition and analysis of aircraft data during its flight, eliminating the delays associated with unplanned maintenance during turnaround. A further reduction in maintenance time is derived from automated software updates, also driven by the distribution of aircraft data.

Flight Operations solutions

Airlines can deliver real-time and visual Flight Information Services, as well as optimizing flight navigation and operations by analyzing data exchanged between pilots’ avionics and ground applications. They can also reduce turnaround times by automating communication between pilots and operational control.

Air Traffic Control solutions

The connected aircraft improves air navigation efficiency and safety, and it also enables ANSPs to implement the Future Air Navigation System. Airlines can experience complete integration from ATC to cockpit.

Managing the vast array of data produced by latest generation aircraft will dramatically improve industry efficiency, as their rapid proliferation is accelerating the demand for new e-enabled services. The connected aircraft gives airlines a comprehensive set of benefits, such as optimized maintenance procedures and flight dispatching with real-time tracking and weather data services, streamlined cabin and cockpit operations and a personalized passenger experience while providing Wi-Fi, mobile connectivity, and inflight entertainment.

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