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SITA has a number of policies that support our business and enable us to be clear about our expectations.

These policies are available to all staff via our company intranet site. An overview of the ones that help support our corporate social responsibility activity is shown below. Further information on the policies may be obtained from

Environment policy

SITA's environment policy sets out the actions expected of employees through a number of environmental principles:

  • Compliance with applicable environmental legislation
  • Measuring the environmental impact of our business
  • Preventing pollution
  • Ensuring environmentally responsible reuse or recycling of electrical and electronic equipment
  • Communicating to our stakeholders

The policy acts as a reference for SITA employees concerning SITA’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact, and to ensure that the organization acts in an environmentally responsible manner.

Health safety and security policy

It is the policy of SITA to conduct its business in a manner that protects our people, and business partners from ill-health or injury, as well as safeguarding SITA's assets from loss, damage and business disruption. This is achieved by:

  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment for everyone involved in our business
  • Assessing and managing risks across our business to mitigate any risk of personal injury, occupational illness or other potentially dangerous occurrences
  • Seeking to eliminate or minimize unsafe acts and conditions by encouraging a safety culture which rewards safety conscious behavior
  • Consulting and informing employees and employee representatives to promote risk awareness, and health and safety responsibilities
  • Assisting employees who are injured or are unwell, whether through work or otherwise, to return to work
  • Promoting a high standard of overall health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Incorporating our core health and safety principles in our management systems
  • Investigating, monitoring and reporting health and safety performance through auditing such performance against best practice to ensure continuous improvement
  • Providing adequate resources to meet the requirements of this policy and its supporting management system framework.

Equal opportunities

SITA practices equal employment opportunity. Employees are hired, trained, compensated and promoted based on their skill sets and abilities, regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. Equal opportunity, fair treatment and respect shall be accorded to all.

SITA is committed to build and maintain a productive, motivated workforce by treating all employees fairly and equitably. We encourage a working environment where the full value of each employee can be realized in treating him/her with respect, trust and dignity. See also SITA's ethics policy.

Grievance procedure guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is as follows:

  • To provide a global framework of guidelines to enable employees to raise any concern they may have about their work, working environment or working relationships
  • To create a opportunity for line managers and employees to speak openly and in confidence
  • To ensure fairness and consistency of approach and openness throughout the grievance proceedings
  • To ensure issues will be dealt with as thoroughly and promptly as possible

These guidelines apply to all permanent SITA employees. This procedure does not form part of the contract of employment. It is recognized that local practice and legislation may vary from country to country, and local governance will always prevail.

These guidelines can be used separately from the SITA Ethics Policy, which also provides a mechanism for employees to raise significant ethical concerns on an anonymous basis.

Policy prohibiting bribery and corruption

SITA's policy prohibiting bribery and corruption confirms that SITA will not tolerate any instance of bribery or corruption in any aspect of our business. It is the fundamental policy of SITA not to permit the giving or receiving of improper payments or other benefits for commercial advantage. All employees must not, directly or through third parties, offer to bribe or improperly influence any customer, supplier, government official or third party. In addition, the corporate books and records of SITA must not contain any false, inaccurate or incomplete entry relating to payments to third parties. To promote this Policy, SITA provides periodic compliance training for specified groups of staff.

Ethics policy

The SITA ethics policy describes our core business principles. It defines the standards of integrity, fairness, professionalism and honesty that SITA expects and requires from its employees. Every SITA employee is expected to act and be seen to act honestly, fairly and with the highest standards of integrity and ethical business conduct in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. Breaches of the ethics policy can result in disciplinary action.

The SITA ethics policy specifically provides guidance to staff in the following areas: conflicts of interest; business entertainment and gifts; confidential and proprietary information; bribery and corruption laws; corporate and regulatory compliance; Internet utilization / misuse of company property; employment practices (harassment and equal Opportunity / discrimination); competitive intelligence and competition and antitrust laws.

SITA's ethics office is empowered to investigate alleged breaches of the ethics policy and report to the CEO and/or Board-level in relation to ethics breaches or alleged ethics breaches within SITA. To promote this policy, SITA provides periodic ethics and compliance training for all staff

Customer satisfaction and loyalty policy

In an effort to assess its level of customer satisfaction, SITA conducts annual customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys, known as the 'customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys'.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys are a key customer feedback mechanism into SITA.

They provide the data that allows SITA to determine whether or not its customer satisfaction targets, approved by the SITA Board, are being met.

SITA personnel at all levels of the organization value and take the customer feedback very seriously.

The customer satisfaction and loyalty policy describes the management of this customer feedback program.

Confidential and proprietary information policy

Employees may have access to company confidential or sensitive business information on a need-to-know basis throughout the course of their employment with SITA. It is vital that such information must be protected during and after their employment, and may not be used for personal gain or for any unauthorized purposes. Such information includes but is not limited to financial data, pricing and costing analysis, business plans, strategic and operating plans, change programs, customer data, contracts and non-public corporate information. See also SITA's ethics policy.

Purchasing policy

The purchasing policy governs the purchase of all goods and services. The objectives of the policy are to ensure that:

  • The activities of SITA's business units, central support functions and purchasing in the realm of purchasing are properly coordinated
  • SITA makes purchasing decisions that are in the best commercial interests of SITA as a whole
  • SITA considers the environmental and social aspects when possible
  • The resulting Vendor Contracts and relationships for cross business unit/central support function Vendor Contracts are well managed

See also SITA's Supplier Code of Conduct.

Crisis management policy

This document states SITA's policy regarding the management of a crisis and the procedure to be followed in order to ensure:

  • Swift action to identify and report a crisis situation
  • The urgent constitution of a crisis management team
  • Full assessment of the situation
  • All possible and appropriate measures to secure the safety of SITA employees
  • SITA's business interests, reputation and physical assets are secured
  • Business continuity for SITA customers

Grades and titles policy

SITA's grading scheme provides a consistent framework for career management within our organization - to which the application of many corporate policies is directly linked. The grading system is used consistently across countries. It drives SITA's remuneration practices facilitating internal equity of remuneration positioning and enabling the external referencing of SITA's remuneration practices to local and industry markets.

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